Profiling the project – we need your input

In advance of the project kickoff meeting and the several days of focus groups and interviews that will follow, Dave, the iFactory project manager, has sent us a Project Profile worksheet to fill out. This worksheet will provide us and iFactory with a high-level overview of the project, including goals, metrics for success, the information and function needs of our audiences, and how they use the website.

We have prepared a survey to obtain input from the campus community. Among other things, the Project Profile asks us to provide examples of functions our site needs that we think other sites do particularly well. Examples could be the way handles purchasing and checkout, or the way the Harvard Business School MBA program provides information about its students. Please have a few sites in mind when you complete the survey, and have the website address handy to include, so we can give a list to the iFactory team.

The survey can be accessed here. We appreciate your input.

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