Beginning our website improvement process

Now that we have a new website improvement partner and a project manager, an essential task is to re-establish the Website Advisory Committee. Department chairs and program directors will soon be asked to appoint a representative to the Website Advisory Committee; the committee’s charge will be to provide input during the process and keep their units apprised of deliverables and milestones.

We have set March 14-16 for the project kickoff. This will include introductions of the iFactory team assigned to the EVMS project and a presentation of their process for ensuring the project progresses smoothly to senior management and the Advisory Committee. They will also spend a couple of days on campus to conduct initial interviews and focus groups.

The first step of the first phase has already begun. iFactory has initiated an expert review of our current website, which will include a competitive analysis with three institutions selected by the staff of the Office of Marketing & Communications and Chief of Staff Claudia Keenan. Two of those are peer schools identified during the development of the strategic plan, and the third is one of our fellow Virginia schools:

Questions and comments about the project are encouraged; leave a comment on the blog or email Kim Lewandowski.

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