SEO Tip – Help get your pages found

ALT Tags and Image Files

  • Keywords – the words typed into search engines to find information
  • ALT Tags – Words associated with an image on a webpage. A description of the image.
  • Benefits of ALT Tags:
    - If the image is broken for some reason the ALT text will be displaye
    - Page readers for visually impaired users will be able to describe the image
    - Helps people find your pages
  • TerminalFour Site Manager Media Library – Add ALT takes by filling in the description of a piece of media when you upload or modify it in the media library. Limit your descriptions to 20 words or less.

Friendly URLs:

  •  A web address that is easy to read and includes words that describe the content of a webpage. It is easy to remember and helps describe a page to search engines.
  • A well written URL will be both easy to remember and search engine friendly.
  • TerminalFour Site Manager Section Names – TerminalFour uses the section name to create your pages’ URLs. Keep this in mind when naming your sections.
  • Short URLs – Although sometimes convenient, consider the impact your short URL will have on Search Engine results for your pages.
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