Web Technologies Launches New Private Website

The new EVMS intranet site is live. To log in, go to myportal.evms.edu and use your Novell network credentials. For a video tour of the site, click here.

Known as MyPortal, the site was custom built to help staff, faculty, students and residents find the internal resources they need and accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively. MyPortal borrows from the design of the new public website, offering simplified navigation and providing information about each department in a uniform manner. Here are a few more benefits of MyPortal:

  • The entire site is searchable from any department, using key words.
  • Calendar and news features provide information intended exclusively for an internal audience.
  • Links are available to software applications users access daily, such as BlackBoard and the Time and Attendance System as well as myEVMS..

MyPortal can be accessed off campus using your network credentials. Over the next few months, MarComm and department content editors will continue to expand MyPortal content. The current intranet site, info.evms.edu, will remain available during that time. Once the transition is complete — expected sometime this summer — the old site will be phased out.

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