Web content approval process now underway

We have initiated the web content approval process. Your content can be reviewed on the published site here:

Once you are ready to submit your sections for review and approval, please send an email to webmaster@evms.edu with the breadcrumb trail for each completed section. The breadcrumbs are found at the top of each page. See the graphic below, where the breadcrumb trail is highlighted in yellow.

Please use “Web Content for Review/Approval” as the subject of your email.

If your content requires significant edits or revisions, you will be contacted by a member of the Marketing & Communications Department. If your content is approved, you will be not be required to take further steps prior to launch.

As a reminder, our content migration deadline is September 21, and the launch date is November 13.  If you have questions regarding the approval process, please contact webmaster@evms.edu or call 446.7070.

We appreciate your participation in this important project.

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