All-campus website update meeting recap

For those who could not attend the all-campus website update that took place last Friday, here is a brief overview of the project as it currently stands:

Public Site status

  • We are currently undergoing an extensive review & refinement phase.
  • The site structure build is in a state of continuous refinement – expect minor changes.
  • The second phase of our all-campus training program is underway; visit to view the schedule of upcoming sessions and register.
  • The faculty/staff directory is still under development.
  • The overall content review process is scheduled to begin August 20. Please submit completed sections for review by sending an email to and include the page path. (E.g., EVMS Public>>Education>>Master’s Programs>>Art Therapy & Counseling>>Curriculum)

Private Site status

  • Currently in the discovery phase with TerminalFour.
  • In the process of configuring groups (i.e., Students, Staff, Faculty, Residents).
  • Identifying private site content needs.
  • In the process of building the site structure.

Important deadlines

  • August 20 – Public Site content review begins
  • September 21 – Public Site content migration deadline
  • September 27 – Private Site build complete
  • October 1 – Public Site live testing begins
  • October 16 – Department content migration begins for Private Site
  • November 13 – Launch of both Public and Private Site

Departmental assistance requested

  • Public Site content migration is currently only at 25% completion with an upcoming deadline of September 21.
  • Web Technologies will be sending each department a content report (conveying all required content to be completed) by August 20.
  • We again request that all departments revisit and thoroughly review their existing content, taking care to ensure that content is not simply copied and pasted from the old site to the new site.

To view sample pages of the new site, visit:

Supporting Resources and Documentation for the website redevelopment project have been posted on our current site for user reference:

If you have any questions contact the Web Technologies staff at 446.7070 or

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