An update on the faculty/staff directory

The faculty/staff directory is still in progress and is not yet ready for use. This directory is being created primarily in the back-end of the system. However, all groups should now have access to the appropriate page style and content template. At this point, you can begin populating the content that will appear on these pages, using the list of fields below as a guide.

  • Name (required)
  • Email (individual EVMS email – this is the unique identifier that will enable the database to pull the appropriate information into the field) (required)
  • Focus Area (optional)
  • Office Hours (optional)
  • Courses Taught (optional)
  • Bio Short (optional)
  • Bio Long (optional)
  • CV (optional)
  • Presentations & Publications (optional)
  • Related Media (optional)

This list represents content that will not be autopopulated. Much of this information is optional and should be included at the discretion of your department chair, director, etc. Note that an individual email (i.e., not a generic department email) is required in order for the database to pull the remaining associated information.

Once the faculty/staff directory is ready for use and we have thoroughly documented the process, we will alert all users to the next steps. We appreciate your patience.

Note: Please do not create your own faculty/staff pages in the interim; this is a functionality of the new site. Instead, please decide upon which of the optional information listed above will be completed by your department and continue to collect and populate this information only.

If you have any questions regarding the content you will be responsible for providing, contact Web Technologies at 446.7070 or email for assistance.

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