Use of italics, bold, underline and all caps

There are many ways to emphasize text to make it stand out on screen. This helps the reader quickly notice key words when scanning your content. However, overuse of emphasis stylings can lead to reader confusion, or make your content more difficult to read. Please review the following tips, and then take a moment to ensure that the content you’ve entered in Site Manager adheres to an appropriate use of these emphasis styles, so that we can make it as easy as possible on our readers.

  • Text written in italics is difficult to read on screen and should be avoided in all cases, with the exception of publication names and other approved grammatical stylings.
  • Bold text is appropriate when used sparingly. Use it to call out key words or phrases or items of importance. However, keep in mind that overuse of bold makes your content harder to read.
  • Underlined text should be avoided in all cases. When text is underlined on screen, the reader will assume it’s a hyperlink.
  • Text written in all caps implies shouting. Additionally, it’s hard to read on screen. All caps should be avoided.

Thanks again for your participation in the web content migration process. If you have questions, please contact Web Technologies at or call 757.446.7070.

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