Content migration training courses offered to EVMS departments

Our content management system (CMS) vendor, TerminalFour, is in the middle of the the implementation phase. We are now working with the final site designs to build out templates for the public portion of the new website. This is scheduled for completion in mid-April, at which time we’ll shift into content-migration mode. In preparation for this step, EVMS departments should be reviewing existing content to determine what will be migrated onto the new site, if not already done so.

As a reminder, this is an excellent time to cut obsolete pages and content. About 500 pages account for roughly 90 percent of our web traffic while our existing site includes more than 2,500 pages. Therefore, it is not necessary to migrate everything from the previous site. We will focus on these most-viewed pages and high-level content for each department for the public site launch set to occur June 27.

As that date is fast approaching, we are also requesting that departments begin to determine how the content they plan to migrate will fit into the new page designs. Content contributors and others involved in content development should plan on attending upcoming training sessions. We will be offering four different types of training at a variety of dates and times:

  • Writing for the web
  • Formatting content for the EVMS web templates
  • Using Site Manager (the CMS)
  • Content migration workshop (lab setting where staff will be available to assist content editors in migrating their content)

Please be sure to have your departmental representatives select training times online and register as soon as possible on the current EVMS Events Site.

Our new site design and structure is very different from the old. This will require that departments make some changes to  their content (length, organization, etc.). We encourage your department to begin working on these changes now.

Important dates to remember

  • Mid-April: CMS training for content contributors begins. Additional training includes writing for the web workshops, migration workshops and more. A full schedule is attached.
  • April 16 to June 15: Content migration occurs
  • June 18-25: Beta testing of site occurs
  • June 27, 2012: Public site launches

Throughout the course of this project, the Office of Marketing & Communications has made an effort to keep the campus apprised of the project’s progress through periodic updates on the web project blog; however, should you have specific questions moving forward, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kim Lewandowski or Natalie Semmler at

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