New public-site keyscreens and content you can collect now

From the wireframes and home-page designs, iFactory developed a set of keyscreens (PDF) for the new public website that will guide the appearance of pages (they are currently working on keyscreens for the private site). We have contracted for 10 basic templates, but they can be used for different purposes and, as the site is being implemented, we can work with our contractors to develop new ones.

As an example, iFactory developed a Program keyscreen (PDF) and used the Graduate Program in Public Health to illustrate its use. As we are implementing the site in the new content-management system, we can create a new template for residency programs by copying this one and changing the page headlines, subheads and links as necessary.

Please note that items like “Featured Students” are modules that can be replaced with similar elements that make sense for a given section of the site. For example, “Featured Students” could be “Featured Presentations” or “Featured Activities.” Departmental/unit content editors will be able to change these items as needed to keep the pages fresh.

The Migration Preparation section of the handouts from the Advisory Committee meeting (PDF) held on Feb. 13 describes the types of information departments can begin collecting or updating now; this includes:

  • department/unit descriptions
  • faculty/staff directory information
  • long and short bios for faculty and staff, including an updated CV (optional)
  • for the private site, forms, procedures and training offered by the department/unit

There is also a timeline describing the schedule for the rest of the project.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Kim Lewandowski or Natalie Semmler at

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