Private-site usability and wireframes

Our partners at iFactory were on campus Jan. 23 to conduct usability testing on the wireframes (“blueprints”) for the new intranet/portal. Feedback from testers was mostly positive and task completion was 86 percent. The next step is to develop functional specifications, which will define the purpose of each element on the pages and how they will work.

iFactory also presented two options for private-site homepage designs to the Working Group on Feb. 7. These will be refined over two more rounds and then iFactory will develop a set of keyscreens from these.

Keyscreens are the primary page layouts that will be used on the site. It was clear from the usability test feedback that the student homepage will need to be significantly different from the faculty/staff layout, so one of the keyscreens will be a student landing page.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Kim Lewandowski.

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