Lots of activities this week

Website redesign activities are revving up now. This week, we updated the Advisory Committee on the project’s progress and had two meetings of the Working Group to review different aspects of the work.

Nov. 29, Website Advisory Committee Meeting: We updated the committee on several topics, starting with schedule changes. Due to the growing size of the project – adding the intranet/portal to the scope has increased the amount of work – we are now planning on launching the new website in June 2012.

Then we reviewed the wireframes, so the committee could see the types of information that will appear in the primary page types.

Next we brought in project manager Dave Wohlgemuth and strategist Pete Gaioni from iFactory via video-conference to review the preliminary results of the usability testing on the wireframes. The results showed that the wireframes made it much easier for website visitors to complete the tasks they were asked to do. iFactory used the test results to refine the wireframes further.

Then Pete talked to the group about the importance of making sure all content on the website meets one of three objectives:

  1. It furthers the mission of the school
  2. It meets a key business objective
  3. It is a task or information that site visitors want to perform or obtain

This is a great opportunity for all of us to review and minimize the information we put on the website. It’s expensive and time-consuming to maintain information that doesn’t meet one or more of the objectives above.

We also showed them samples of the art direction and talked about upcoming activities for December.

Nov. 30, Working Group Meeting: Art Direction Review Round 2: iFactory used our feedback from the first round to create new design explorations and refine the interactive concepts. We are getting closer to having a set of visuals that will effectively tell the EVMS story.

Dec. 1, Working Group Meeting: Usability Test Final Results and Third Round of Wireframes: iFactory presented the final test results and wireframes that were tweaked based on those results. We discussed and adjusted some of the wireframes, and the Working Group will provide any additional feedback early next week.

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