Working Group generally impressed with art direction

Last week, iFactory’s creative team presented the first round of art direction to the Working Group. In the first round, the art directors use our imagery and branding standards to develop a set of possible layouts and type treatments (design explorations) that could be used in page design, either as whole pages or as elements that could be used within a page. They also presented some ideas for interactive elements that might be used to illustrate concepts such as our global reach, our regional partnerships, and our emphasis on conducting research and providing health care related to the diseases most prevalent in Hampton Roads.

The Working Group discussed our impressions of the presentations and what we liked and didn’t like about various elements and treatments. We provided that feedback to iFactory; they will use it to refine the explorations and concepts and present round 2 of art direction on Nov. 30.

Reminder: The next Advisory Committee meeting will be held from noon-1 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 29.

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