Round 1 of wireframes well-received by Website Working Group

Our partners at iFactory presented the initial wireframes for the new website design to the Website Working Group this morning. First impressions were very positive, including comments such as “Excellent, logical,” “Well organized, intuitive,” and “Looks great, very easy to follow.” Over the next few days, we will collect feedback from the Working Group to provide to iFactory Friday, Oct. 21.

iFactory will provide a second draft of the wireframes toward the end of this month. In November, we will present the finalized wireframes to the larger Website Advisory Committee.

Also this week, we delivered the initial intranet/portal user task analysis to iFactory. The user task analysis lists the primary tasks, applications and types of information needed by the four internal personas: faculty, staff, students and residents. iFactory will use that and the intranet content inventory to prepare the first draft of a new site map for the intranet/portal. The Working Group will meet Monday, Oct. 24, to review it.

As a reminder, departments, centers and programs should be reviewing their website and intranet content to ensure that everything is current, accurate, and, most importantly, NECESSARY. The more information people have to wade through to find what they need, the less likely they are to find it. And, it’s expensive to maintain content that site visitors don’t want or read.

If you have questions or comments about the project, please leave a comment here on the blog or email Kim Lewandowski.

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