Progress on the website improvement project this week

Now that we have selected a content-management system, we have a lot going on with the website project now.

Tuesday, Sept. 20, we conducted two meetings with iFactory and representatives of the Website Working Group to further discuss and refine two sections of the new site map: Education and Research. iFactory is working on final edits and is due to deliver the final site map on Sept. 27.

For almost two weeks, Natalie has been working on a content inventory for the Intranet portion of the project. The Intranet is put together in a complex way, so it’s been a long process to determine which files are relevant and which are not.

Also this week, iFactory’s information architect has been working on developing Intranet user scenarios from the scenarios we developed last spring as part of our work public site, as well as the survey completed by our website audiences last spring.

If you have questions or comments about the project, please leave a comment here on the blog or email Kim Lewandowski.

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