Website Advisory Committee met on July 26

The EVMS Website Advisory Committee, made up of representatives from all EVMS departments and units, met Tuesday, July 26 for an update on the website project.

We first discussed the results of the Website Usability Testing conducted by our partners at iFactory in June. Nineteen participants representing our 10 primary audiences tried to find information and perform tasks on the website site while being observed and questioned by iFactory. You can read about the findings and recommendations in the Executive Summary (PDF) of the Usability Testing Report.

The usability testing confirmed many of the problems site visitors talked about in the focus groups and survey conducted in the spring; and the results will provide a baseline for further usability testing on the new website organization and design.

We then talked about the content on the website – the text, graphics, audio, video, PDFs, forms and other items that make up the website – and asked the committee to think about content as a strategic business asset. Keep in mind that website content:

  • actively engages our many audiences (read more about personas and view those specific to EVMS [PDF])
  • interacts with and influences site visitors
  • helps us provide the right information at the right time

So now is the time to review our content in depth and make sure that each item on the website is there for one or both of these reasons:

  • it’s tied to a specific business/organizational objective
  • it’s tied to a specific user task

The presentation handout includes steps departments/units should take, as well as steps Marketing & Communications will take, to prepare for migrating site content to a new website. Please review the meeting presentation (PDF) for more details.

Next, we talked about the two options iFactory has suggested to us for how to proceed with the project (PDF), and finished by discussing the two content-management systems we are considering. The demos for the Website Working Group last week did not go as well as we had hoped, so we are repeating them today, July 28.

If you have questions or comments about the project, please leave a comment here on the blog or email Kim Lewandowski.

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