Website Advisory Committee met on May 11

We held a meeting of the Website Advisory Committee on Wednesday, May 11, to update EVMS departments and units on progress of the Website Improvement Project. As Director of Marketing & Communications Vincent Rhodes told the members, their primary homework assignment is to go back to their departments and units and keep them informed on tasks completed and upcoming decision points.

The meeting began with a review of where we’ve been. During the Discovery phase of the project, which began in February, iFactory conducted usability reviews of and related sites, and comparative reviews of three of our peer schools (two from the Strategic Plan and one Virginia medical school): the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Texas A&M College of Medicine, and Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.

iFactory also conducted a total of 25 focus groups with representatives from internal and external site visitors, reviewed our website survey data, and worked with us to develop a Project Profile, which details our objectives for the new site, site visitor needs, technical considerations, and other information.

From this data gathering, iFactory is preparing a Findings & Recommendations Report, which they will present to the Website Working Group on May 23. The Executive Summary of this report will be emailed to the Advisory Committee and posted here on the blog. Our review and approval of the report is due to iFactory May 26.

A note about the Working Group: For a project of this scope, we want to provide as many opportunities as we can to all stakeholders to provide input, which is the role of the 71-member Advisory Committee. However, review and approval of deliverables must be completed by a smaller group, or the project will never be finished. Please see below for a list of members of the Working Group.

What’s next? The content inventory is due to iFactory on May 18; then iFactory will flesh out the site user scenarios and develop the new site map during June. Next they will develop wireframes, or undesigned prototype pages, which will eventually become templates. They will plan and conduct usability testing of the wireframes to ensure that site visitors can complete the tasks or find the information they are looking for on our site. All this will take place during the summer, before any designing begins.

For more information, we have provided the following documents distributed to the Advisory Committee, with the exception of iFactory’s proprietary work product.

If you have questions or comments, please leave a comment here on the blog or email Kim Lewandowski.

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