Objectives of the website improvement project

I’ve had some questions and suggestions lately from a few people with regard to functionality they would like to see on the new website. I’m listing below the Project Objectives that are included in the contract:

In addition to the design scheme and features recommended by iFactory and accepted by EVMS, the redesigned website must include the following features (in no particular order):

  1. Content Management System (CMS) that allows secure login with school’s LDAP encrypted authentication for editing and access to private content.
  2. Workflow
    1. Associate content with a specific editor and provide ability to change ownership to another person should that editor leave the position;
    2. Allow supervisors to review and approve new and revised content before publication;
    3. Notify supervisors of content pending approval;
    4. Include version tracking that identifies last edit, by whom, etc., and allows for rollback to a previous version; and
    5. Automatic reminders to update content after a specified time.
  3. Campus-wide public/private calendar system with secure login (LDAP encrypted authentication) with possible integration to the Oracle portal, Microsoft Exchange, and Meeting Room Manager calendaring.
  4. Online registration and payment for events, training sessions and donations, with detailed reporting of transactions.
  5. Database system for online job postings.
  6. Database system for online posting of clinical trials.
  7. Industry standard tools and applied web standards as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium – specifically XHTML, CSS, and XML – enabling users from various access points, such as a browser, to view content regardless of their interface to the website and in compliance with accessibility standards as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508c of the Rehabilitation Act.
  8. The ability to easily create and manage a variety of content in a shared repository (a content library) usable across the website and sub-domains (for example, several pages or sub-domains may share the same tuition data or logo files) that may contain varied assets including (but not limited to) images, logos, general and/or section-specific news content, meeting and special event dates and descriptions, faculty/staff contact information and profiles, policies, copyright and privacy statements. It must also have the ability to associate the asset with the specific department/editor responsible for maintaining/updating that file, making use of requested workflow processes.
  9. Photo album/gallery feature that is easy for non-technical content editors to use.
  10. Flexible online form creation with options to export data to a database or send to recipient via e-mail.
  11. Features for content inventory and tracking including, but not limited to, robust report generation, site map for a web area, report showing page owners and pages without an owner, status of review, time since last review, and inactive owners (no longer in LDAP), page time stamp and ability to show pages not updated within a specified timeframe, and broken or orphaned links.
  12. Integration of a series of smaller, related websites/domains into the main EVMS web presence including:
    http://www.evmsfoundation.org – EVMS Foundation
    http://www.conrad.org – Contraceptive Research (possibly – TBD)
    http://www.crc-evms.org – Clinical Research Center of the Dept. of Ob/Gyn
    http://www.evmsent.org / – Dept. of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery
    http://jonesinstitute.org  – The Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine
    aka http://jonesinstitute.net
    http://maternalfetalmedicine.org  – Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division of Ob/Gyn aka http://mfm-evms.org
    http://pediatrics.evms.edu  – Dept. of Pediatrics
    http://evmshealthservices.org  – EVMS Health Services
    http://www.evmsalumni.com / – EVMS Alumni
  13. Fixed width with a minimum resolution of 1024×768 with appropriate padding for browser elements.
  14. Compatibility with existing web hosting.
  15. Full content migration from current EVMS website as well as full integration of smaller websites as listed above in item 12.

The items above are all part of the CMS and will be developed either by iFactory through a JOOMLA installation as listed in Phase 4 or through a third party CMS to be selected through the CMS Evaluation period.

If you have questions about any of these items, please leave a comment on the blog or contact lewandak@evms.edu.

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