iFactory team returns for more focus groups

Tomorrow and Thursday, Pete and Dave of iFactory will be back on campus for more focus groups and a couple of meetings for specific purposes. We have four more focus groups scheduled – two for patients and two for general community members.

They will also be meeting with representatives from the Academic Computer Center to discuss the technical aspects of integrating resources as much as we can. Another meeting brings together staff from the Professional Skills Center, the Dept. of Occupational Health and Environmental Health & Safety. And they will meet with Claudia Keenan, Chief of Staff, to help us determine the best ways to measure the effectiveness of the website.

As always, if you have questions or comments, send an email to Kim Lewandowski or leave a comment here on the blog.

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One Response to iFactory team returns for more focus groups

  1. Thanks, Pete! We’re enjoying working with you all and it was very helpful for me to observe the focus groups. We really learned a lot and appreciate your guidance.