Survey responses: Clarifying sites and project scope

Some common themes developed as I read through the survey responses, so I thought I’d take some time to address one of them.

In the Office of Marketing & Communications (Marcomm), when we talk about the EVMS website, we mean the public website at The website is managed by Kim Lewandowski, Web Technologies Manager, with assistance from the Marcomm account executives.

The technology it uses is a content management system called Joomla!, which allows for distributed, rather than centralized, content management. Departmental information on the website is updated by website content editors who are designated by department heads and directors. This allows departments to update the information on their pages whenever they wish, without having to request or wait for help from Marcomm.

The intranet at is managed by Lorrie Amerson in the Network Information Center, which is part of the Academic Computer Center. The intranet is intended for departments to use to share information, forms, etc., needed by a variety of departments but generally not needed by people outside EVMS; this information is also maintained by content editors in the individual departments. An EVMS network account is needed to access the intranet.

The scope of the website improvement project is primarily to improve the navigation, usability and appearance of the public website and to integrate other EVMS-related public sites, such as EVMS Health Services and EVMS Alumni. While we, and the iFactory team, will be working with the Academic Computer Center to make appropriate connections between the public website and applications such as Blackboard and EVMS Webmail, re-organizing the content in the intranet is not in the scope of this project.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Kim Lewandowski or leave a comment here on the blog.

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