Discovery phase: Focus groups and interviews

A big part of the discovery phase of the project, where the iFactory team obtains information about the needs, wants and preferences of our website audiences, will be the focus groups and interviews that will take place during the week of March 14, following the kickoff meeting. Focus groups may have a maximum of six participants, while interviews will consist of three participants.

Following is the list we have established:

  1. President Harry Lester, Dean Jerry Pepe and Chief of Staff Claudia Keenan
  2. HP students (will also be asked about their needs as prospective students)
  3. MD students (will also be asked about their needs as prospective students)
  4. Basic science faculty
  5. HP faculty
  6. MD faculty
  7. Residents/fellows
  8. Admissions & Financial Aid
  9. GME & residency program directors
  10. Research
  11. Strelitz Diabetes Center
  12. Brickell Library
  13. Office of Development
  14. Office of Alumni Affairs
  15. Office of Marketing & Communications
  16. Health Services practice managers
  17. Health Services administration & clinicians
  18. Patients
  19. Administration group: Financial Services, Human Resources, Materials Management, Police & Public Safety
  20. Staff

Questions or comments? Leave a comment here or email Kim Lewandowski.

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