DynaMed is the most current Clinical Point-of-Care database

An article published recently in BMJ1 identifies DynaMed as the most up-to-date clinical point-of-care database – by quite a margin.  The reviewers chose five *summary type databases based on their breadth of coverage, editorial quality, and evidence based methodology and checked to see how long it took the editors to add new evidence.  The new evidence consisted of 128 clinically important systematic reviews the authors found through literature surveillance journals, like the ACP Journal Club, and from the
Cochrane Library.

By the end of the 9 month study period DynaMed had incorporated 113 of the 128 systematic reviews into their evidence summaries.   The database with the next highest number had only incorporated 41.   On average, it took Dynamed 7.7 weeks to cite a new study and 42 weeks for the runner up.

Fig 1 Updating curves for relevant evidence (128 systematic reviews) by point of care information summaries.

DynaMed and UpToDate are located under “Quick Links” on the EVMS Library’s home pageeMedicine (now Medscape Reference) is a freely available database.

DynaMed is also available as a mobile application for the iPhone,  iPad,  Blackberry, Android and other devices.  Email April Pace at paceaa@evms.edu for a unique serial number and instructions.

* Summaries provide critically appraised, concise information on all aspects of patient management and derive their information from the best evidence. See ACP Journal Club. 2009 Sep 15;151:JC3-2.

1. Banzi, R. et al. Speed of updating online evidence based point of care summaries: prospective cohort analysis.
BMJ. 2011 Sep 23; 343:d5856.
PubMed PMID:  21948588


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