New Printer Drivers

Network Center Notice: The student printers have been moved to a new server that is only available while attached to the EVMS student wireless.  All students, new and returning, will need to install the printers from the location below.  The previous printers will be removed from service on Monday, August 4, and should be deleted by that date.  The new printers can be found here:

Which of these printers (shown below) should you add to your laptop? The essential printers are the black & white printers in the Library’s Computer Lab (Lab_Lj9050), the Library’s Computer Classroom (Classroom_Lj9050), the Lewis Hall Student Lounge (StudentCenter_Lj9050) and the color printer in the Library’s Computer Lab (Lab_Color Lj5550). You’ll only need the “Grad” printers shortly before your graduation date.

Please let us know if you need help installing these printers – and Welcome back!

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